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He said that McCarthy to slow down on gum chewing;

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LINE: PHILADELPHIA by 5 The best thing that could have happened to us here was having the Giants win last week. New York victory over the Vikings on Monday was uglier than any monster that may come knocking at your door next week
. If not for myriad Minnesota miscues, the Giants would still be winless.

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Cheap Jerseys from china UNC marched down the field but were stopped on a fourth and three. The Bears took over, and Bowers made an excellent throw on a third down to the sideline to find Wharton yet again, giving him the first 100 yard game of his career

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. Another huge gain by Wharton put Cal at the 4 yard line, and a touchdown run from Vic Enwere put the game on ice, with the Bears up 35 24 with less than two minutes left Cheap Jerseys from china.

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